• February 22, 2024
eliminate anxiety

How to eliminate anxiety and be yourself again

Anxiety is one of the most widespread disorders today. It is estimated that around 300 million people suffer from this problem on a daily basis, so you should not feel alone. In addition, there are ways to redirect a mental state that has a lot to do with the response you give to everyday situations. Here we will share with you some tips on how to eliminate anxiety , to help you improve a situation that may be hindering your happiness and that of others. around you, taking into account that it is only complementary support to the help of a professional psychologist.

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Identify the type of anxiety

Before knowing how to control anxiety , you have to understand that there are different types depending on the moment of appearance and its intensity. This invites us to stop for a moment to closely analyze the variants of a mental illness that generates strong discomfort. Anxiety is an adaptive response. This means that it is a natural response of the body to situations that may involve risk or danger. There is no need to be alarmed by it, since it is the response that evolution has created so that anyone can be alert or avoid moments that would put their integrity at risk. However, this same mechanism can get out of control giving way to pathological anxiety. It is then when you have to ask yourself how to eliminate anxiety, and look for solutions that adapt to your problem and that make you forget it.

Some types of anxiety

Within the pathologies related to anxiety there are some that are more frequent and general than others. For example, generalized anxiety is very common and presents as a continuous feeling of nervousness and worry about certain aspects of daily life. Added to this are panic disorders . These are more specific than generalized anxiety, so it is easy to determine the conditions that may be leading you to suffer from this type of problem . Phobias , obsessive-compulsive disorder or post- traumatic stressthey are also anxiety-related issues that can cast a pretty significant shadow on your happiness. Despite all of the above, generalized anxiety is the one to consider here. This problem can extend to all moments and aspects of your daily life, so it can affect work, your relationship with your partner or the quality of your social life.

Examining anxiety as the first step to overcoming it

The tool that we are going to explain here is very simple. On many occasions, anxiety appears in certain situations that do not require an internal examination on your part. However, you have to know when is the moment to stop and study the reasons that are causing your anxiety. As soon as you notice your nervousness starting to build, take a moment to identify its source. You may have an important job interview or a presentation to your colleagues. It doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you clearly and objectively determine where it comes froma feeling that is preventing you from fulfilling your daily routine. You may not be able to relate your discomfort to a specific situation. However, if you suspect its origin, you should stop to think if what worries you can be solved or not, in order to stop the spiral of nervousness that anxiety creates.

Use this process to improve your answers

Having done this introspection exercise , the reality you will find is that you can make anxiety play partly in your favor. A first step that will clarify how to overcome anxiety is to mentally simulate the worst possible ending. Ask yourself what can happen if you fail in your exhibition or if you finally don’t get a certain job. You will realize that there are different solutions to the problems that appear and from then on you will perceive yourself as capable of controlling and improving the situation.

How to eliminate anxiety by controlling cognitive distortions

One of the most common sources of anxiety is negative thoughts . These are known as cognitive distortions that prevent you from seeing the reality of a given matter, simply forcing you to value its most negative aspects and making you feel worse every time. Any situation is made up of a series of positive and negative factors that have to be valued. If you let anxiety drag you into forgetting the good things that a certain moment has, you will find yourself locked in a series of thoughts that will only make you appreciate the bad things, so anxiety will continue to grow in intensity.

Relativize and do not think in absolute terms

To put a stop to these cognitive distortions, the best thing you can do is try to relativize the situations you face. That is, before you make a catastrophe of even the smallest things, spend some time thinking about the real importance of what you are anticipating. In this way you will ensure that your anxiety does not grow, worsening the situation in which you find yourself. This is not an easy exercise since anxiety is characterized by the constant perception of danger. However, there are techniques to implement this strategy. For example, avoid all-or-nothing absolute termsit is a good tool to achieve it. Virtually no experience in your life returns values ​​of black or white. The range of grays between the two extremes has to be evaluated so that you can assess and find the best answer to the problem.

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