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How to cure depression? 10 Treatments and tips to treat it

When people suffer from severe depression, it is normal for them to wonder if there really can be a cure for depression . In other cases, in which the perception of depression is less, there is also a tendency to think if the symptoms will really disappear on their own over time. The answer to these questions depends on a wide variety of factors, as well as the type or severity of the depressions . However, when this disorder interferes in our lives it is important to see a psychologist to treat depression. The reason for this is that despite the fact that it may be perceived as something ‘passable’, the reality is that sometimes not curing depression can have devastating consequences. So how can we cure depression?

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How long does it take to get out of depression?

Many people use the saying ‘ time heals all ‘, but this sentenceIt does not apply when it comes to curing depression . Both the duration and intensity of the symptoms of these disorders can vary depending on a large number of factors. The reasons that we must take into account that determines how long depression lasts are the following.

  • Type of depression:For example, major depression and its cure may take longer than others types of depressions. On the other hand, seasonal affective disorder usually occurs only during the winter months, while persistent depressive disorder is diagnosed when depression lasts for two years or more.
  • The cause behind depression:Another factor that determines the time to cure depression is whether what has caused it is a specific situation or a temporary stressor. Additionally, depression can occur as a result of other health conditions such as PMS that some women experience.
  • Severity:Severe depression is impossible to ‘go away’ on its own. On the other hand, a very mild depression can be resolved through inner work. People who have moderate or severe depression shouldSee a mental health specialist.
  • Interferes with quality of life:A psychologist should be seen to cure depression if this condition is interfering with our quality of life. It is important to note that even if we feel that we are dealing with ‘mild’ symptoms, these can go further if we see that they are limiting our day to day.

How does a person with depression feel?

People who have severe , moderate, or mild depression often experience the following symptoms to varying degrees.

  • depressed mood
  • Loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed
  • Significant changes in weight and appetite.
  • Sleeping problems
  • Feeling tired or fatigued
  • Increased feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Difficulty thinking, concentrating, or making decisions.

When these symptoms are very persistent, it may be severe depression . Therefore, if you feel identified with these signs, it is important that you consult with amental health professionalso that it can help you cure depression.

How to cure depression: What is the best treatment for depression?

Within psychology, there are some strategies that specialists often use to cure depression . Among the most common therapies, we find the following.

  1. Cognitive therapy:The central idea of ​​this treatment is that our thoughts can affect our emotions. That is, if, for example, we look for the positive side of our experiences, it will be easier for us to feel good than if, on the contrary, we focus on the negative. In this way, cognitive therapy helps to combat all kinds of depressions because it helps us to identify those negative patterns of our thinking (known as cognitive distortions) to turn them into more positive ones.
  2. Behavioral therapy: This therapy helps us cure depression because it focuses on changing those behaviors that affect our emotions. One of the strategies used within this therapy to treat depression is behavioral activation. This method involves helping patients engage in activities that can enhance their feelings of well-being.
  3. Cognitive behavioral therapy:This is a combination of cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. This therapy helps cure depression as it focuses on addressing both negative thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to ‘worse’ severe, moderate or mild depression. That is, once the response patterns that lead tonegative thoughts, will work on learning new ways of thinking and responding,
  4. Dialectical behavioral therapy: The central idea on which this therapy is based to address depression and its cure , is that people learn to recognize and accept negative thoughts and behaviors. Through this validation, patients are able to ‘come to terms’ with their negative emotions and deal with thestressrelated to them. Additionally, this type of psychotherapy incorporates mindfulness techniques.
  5. Psychodynamic or systemic therapy: This method assumes that depressions can occur due to conflicts that people feel are unresolved. These are usually unconscious and often originate during childhood. To cure depression , one of the objectives of this psychotherapy is precisely to make patients more aware of their emotions, especially those that are contradictory or disturbing. In addition, those with any type of depression are helped to cope with the feelings associated with it more effectively.
  6. Interpersonal therapy: According to this approach, interpersonal conflicts and poor social support can contribute to the onset of depression. Therefore, to know how to cure depression , this therapy focuses on addressing past and present social roles. That is, the social relationships with the most important people in the lives of the patients are examined. Ultimately, the goal will be to identify the role these relationships play in the person’s life in order to find ways to resolve these conflicts.

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