• February 22, 2024
Google meet

Google meet Opinions and features

A video conference is a modern invention that helps to communicate with different people and unlike the conventional way of communication, it offers many additional features. Video conferencing has a vital role to play in future modes of communication.

Online Video Conferencing with Google Meet and Duo - Google Workspace

Cost effective service and call accuracy, clarity and superiority play a vital role in this regard. It is the usual option to connect with various people around the world efficiently. It serves as a breakthrough for many mainstream devices in the world. Video conferencing offers many advantages in terms of connectivity options and quality, which is why its growing application among the thin and thick of the world’s population. One of the most prominent video conferencing apps is Google Meet. This Google Meet review will help you to know more about this video conferencing app.

What is Google meet?

Google Meet , formerly known as Google Hangouts, is a top-notch communication app created by Google. This video conferencing app has seamless and seamless integration with all the other products made by Google like Google Calendar which makes it so simple and stress-free to send meeting notifications to all members or participants. Google Meet was voted number 2 in the best video conferencing app.

While this video conferencing software doesn’t have the bells and whistles of competitors like Skype or Zoom, it’s that extreme simplicity that sets it apart from the rest. No additional apps or plugins to set up, all it takes is a link to get started, and the connection quality is great and excellent. The Google Meet integration with Google Calendar makes this software very powerful for productivity if you are using Gsuite in your business. If a new appointment is made in the Google calendar, a link is automatically generated, so invitees have the details ready on their Google calendars without having to go back and forth with the links.

Google meet Pricing: How much does it for?

The best thing about this video conferencing software is that it is accessible to all G-Suite subscribers and users. G Suite plans start at $7.99 per month for each user’s business starter plan. The Business Standard plan is available for $12 per month for each user. The most expensive is the Business Plus plan, which is available for $18 per month for each user. If you find it difficult to choose which plan is right for you, worry no more because all of the plans that Google offers are available for a 14-day free trial guarantee. On the other hand, a slightly restricted version of the software can be used for free by all Google account holders, not just those who are G Suite customers or users.

The free version of Google Meet offers amazing features like:

  • Free meeting of up to 100 participants (note that participants must be Google users)
  • Meeting call only through the Internet, and phone calls are not allowed or allowed
  • No meeting time limits (calls will be limited to one hour)
  • Google Meet customer support

You can access customer support in many ways. This is one of the best reasons why Google Meet stands out from the rest. If you have any issues or concerns, you can call the 24/7 customer support number via email, phone, and chat. Email and phone support is available in fourteen different languages. The help center also has many support materials to help users find answers to all their questions. Some of the support materials offered take into account Frequently Asked Questions and complete guides on how to use the suite, organized in a very intuitive way.

Who should use Google meet?

Google Meet is ideal for individuals and businesses, regardless of industry, who host regular video meetings, work from home on a regular basis, and manage teams remotely. It is a good solution for companies looking for a reliable yet reasonable and cheap video conferencing solution. It’s also good for existing G Suite customers who want a secure and reliable video meeting tool with no frills. Those looking for truly enterprise-grade video conferencing software will have to find it elsewhere because Google Meet’s enterprise tier has a maximum of 250+ members or meeting participants. This video conferencing app comes equipped with pretty basic features; therefore, those looking for a robust and feature-packed solution will also have to think about other video conferencing applications.

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