• September 29, 2023
Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake: How Long To Beat 

Dead Space Remake is a complete overhaul of the critically acclaimed original Survival Horror that released in 2008. The developers have stayed true to the source material while adding more content to the game, making Dead Space Remake a longer game to play. beat in terms of game length compared to the original.

Key points:

  • Dead Space Remake consists of a total of 12 main story chapterswith additional side missions.
  • New players will average around 15 hoursto beat Dead Space on normal difficulty.
  • Players who have played the original game will average around 11-12 hoursto beat the remake.
  • Players who want to go for 100% Achievementswill have to invest a total of 30 hours on average in Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Remake Game Length

Dead Space Remake is a narrative driven linear game and features 12 total chapters that players need to beat in order to complete the game. However, with the addition of new content, the game’s main spaceship, known as the USG Ishimura is now packed with more areas for players to explore. That mostly adds to the overall length of the game.

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main story

If you haven’t played the original game then Dead Space Remake will average around 15 hours if you just focus on the main story without doing any side game missions. However, players who have played the original game could end up beating the new version in about 11-12 hours. Jirard The Completionist is known on Twitter for earning every achievement in a game he plays. And he even mentioned in one of his tweets from him that it took him 17-18 hours to beat Dead Space Remake on normal difficulty, where he played the game casually and collected the collectibles while completing the side quests he could find. in the game. In conclusion, the length of the game really depends on how the player decides to play Dead Space Remake. Various factors, including difficulty options, tackling secondary content, and having played the original, will have an overall effect on the length of the game.

100% complete

Most players will end up averaging around 30 hours to get all the achievements that Dead Space Remake has to offer. Depending on your skill level you will need to play the game at least 2 times and that can easily increase up to 4 depending on how you approach some of the trophies. The additional content present in this game compared to the original will become apparent when you decide to complete Dead Space Remake 100%.

Duration of the Dead Space Remake chapters

Dead Space Remake features a total of 12 chapters that you can play through. Each of these chapters will average around an hour. However, there are some chapters that are as short as 30 minutes while other chapters are up to 90 minutes. The following are the chapters of Dead Space Remake;

  • Chapter 1 – Newcomers
  • Chapter 2 – Intensive care
  • Chapter 3 – Course correction
  • Chapter 4 – Imminent Obliteration
  • Chapter 5 – Deadly Devotion
  • Chapter 6 – Environmental Risks
  • Chapter 7 – Into the Void
  • Chapter 8 – Search and Rescue
  • Chapter 9 – Dead on arrival
  • Chapter 10 – End of days
  • Chapter 11 – Workarounds
  • Chapter 12 – Dead Space

We will be discussing minor details of these chapters including the time required to beat each of them, however there will be some SPOILERS so be careful!

Chapter 1 – Newcomers (50-60 minutes)

Chapter 1 mainly introduces the main story of the game and gives Issac the first main weapon known as the Plasma Cutter which he uses to fight the Necromorphs in Dead Space Remake. Mostly, he will explore Ishimura and find audio logs during the first chapter. However, there is also a puzzle in the first chapter that involves fixing a Tram .

Chapter 2: Intensive care (70-80 minutes)

Chapter 2 will involve more exploration of Ishimura and Issac will acquire another weapon in the game. You will also be able to fight some of the Necromorphs in Dead Space Remake. The main focus of this chapter is to gain access to security level 1 clearance so that you can access the main command center of the ship since Isaac can no longer leave Ishimura.

Chapter 3: Course Correction (70-80 minutes)

Chapter 3 begins with a problem in the Ishimura Engine that Isaac will have to fix. In the process, he’ll also get his hands on the Ripper and flamethrower weapons in the game. In addition, there will also be a puzzle in this chapter that involves generator modules.

Chapter 4: Impending Obliteration (50-60 minutes)

Chapter 4 will include one of the most powerful weapons in the game that Isaac can acquire and it is known as the Contact Beam . Other than that, you will also need to calibrate Asteroid Defense System Cannons in this chapter which will also include upgrading your security clearance to level 2. Lastly, a side quest will also unlock which you can tackle in chapter 4.

Chapter 5 – Deadly Devotion (50-60 Minutes)

Chapter 5 includes a boss fight where you have to beat The Hunter in the Dead Space remake. He will get another weapon in the process known as the Line Gun in the game. Basically, you will have to beat a boss and fix Ishimura’s air production system in chapter 5.

Chapter 6: Environmental risks (70-80 minutes)

Chapter 6 is a long chapter in Dead Space Remake, which requires you to kill the Necromorphs known as the Wheezers in the game. These guys are responsible for poisoning the air in the sector, and you need to kill eight of them to gain access to the Ishimura Food Store. You will also get your hands on the force weapon in this chapter. Lastly, there is a boss battle with the Leviathan at the end of the chapter.

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