• September 29, 2023
eliminate anxiety

How to eliminate anxiety and be yourself again

Anxiety is one of the most widespread disorders today. It is estimated that around 300 million people suffer from this problem on a daily basis, so you should not feel alone. In addition, there are ways to redirect a mental state that has a lot to do with the response you give to everyday situations. Here we…

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cure depression

How to cure depression? 10 Treatments and tips to treat it

When people suffer from severe depression, it is normal for them to wonder if there really can be a cure for depression . In other cases, in which the perception of depression is less, there is also a tendency to think if the symptoms will really disappear on their own over time. The answer to these questions…

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The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise - HelpGuide.org

Exercise for mental health: Put them into practice

It is very easy to neglect yourself when you spend most of your day taking care of others. And by “neglecting” we are not only talking about the physical aspect and the exercise of moving the body, but also about all the attention that our mental health needs when we dedicate ourselves to the care of…

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